Metal Cleaners

Product Description
Aquaclean 1 Aquaclean 1 washer cleaner removes cutting fluids, grinding fluids and general shop soils. This alkaline liquid cleans steels, copper, aluminum, zinc alloys and provides short-term in-house rust protection.
Aquaclean 2 Aquaclean-2 is effective in cleaning of shop soils such as soluble coolants, cutting oils and other shop lubricants. The product can be used in spray washers with high-pressure nozzles. The product provides excellent corrosion protection and is economical and versatile for your metal cleaning needs.
Aquaclean -3 Aquaclean-3 is a special formulation developed for removing rust and scale from the surface of ferrous metals. The formulation is so designed as to dissolve rust selectively without harming clean metal surface.